Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6 will have a wider cover screen, squared off corners


Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Z Fold6, expected to be announced in late July alongside the Flip6, could sport the biggest design changes in years. According to prolific (and often right) tipster Ice Universe, the Fold6 will have a wider cover screen than any of its predecessors. Not as wide as the Pixel Fold‘s, mind you, but still wider than the very narrow ones fitted to the series so far.

This would fix one of the main pain points people have had over the years with the Galaxy Fold line, and so it would be very welcome. Along with this, the shape of the phone will be more square, with more squared-off corners.

Ice Universe says the closest corners to the Fold6’s can be found on the nubia Z60 Ultra. The angle of the curvature of the corners is almost a right angle. Additionally, the Fold6’s frame will be very flat as well, again, similarly to the nubia Z60 Ultra’s.

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