Oppo says it’s not giving up on foldables

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Last week a sketchy rumor – and, for what it’s worth, we did warn you about its sketchiness right from the get-go – claimed Oppo and vivo would be completely giving up on the foldable market, due to significantly lower sales in 2023. It seemed like an odd move, especially after pouring so much money into investing in foldable tech, but – stranger things have happened in the mobile world.

This, however, isn’t. Happening, that is. At least when it comes to Oppo. The company reached out to us to deny the aforementioned rumor, and assure us that its commitment to the development of future foldables hasn’t changed in any way. That’s good news and reason for us to breathe a sigh of relief.

Oppo says it's not giving up on foldables

While Oppo itself may not have had a lot of success in the foldable space in the developed world, the OnePlus Open (essentially a rebranded Oppo Find N3 for global markets) was, by many accounts, the best large-size book-style foldable of 2023, so we would have been very sad to see Oppo go. Now we don’t have to be, and can look forward to the OnePlus Open 2 and the Find N4 Flip.

Here’s the statement an Oppo spokesperson gave us on the matter:

Oppo’s dedication to the continuous development of foldable smartphone technology remains unchanged. Please stay tuned for our official updates and announcements.

So there you have it, crisis averted. Ball’s now in your court, vivo.

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