Acefast Acefit Neo in for review


Acefast is a brand popular for its semi-transparent designs and the latest gadget we are reviewing makes no exception. The Acefit Neo wireless earphones have a patented concha hook that should provide comfort and stability.

Acefast Acefit Neo in for review

The packaging explains how the hook should be placed at least three times, and we can see the case with the buds sitting behind a plastic screen. The actual case has a transparent lid, through which we can see the magnets that keep the whole thing closed.

The box also includes a fabric pouch with different-size hooks and a USB-C charging cable, but we should note that the Acefit Neo’s case also supports wireless charging.

Acefast Acefit Neo in for review

The actual buds are quite chunky – Acefast designed the accessory so that the bud does not reach inside the ear canal. There are 14.8 mm drivers that should provide deep bass.

Any device can connect to the Acefast Acefit Neo via Bluetooth, as it supports version 5.3. The wearable does not have an companion application, so it is up to the streaming device’s native equalizer to adjust the output. The company does say there is “dyanmac bass enhancement” for impactful bass even at low volume, but we’ll take the Acefit Neo to the test to see (or hear) whether this statement is true to at least some extent.

Acefast Acefit Neo in for review

The Acefit Neo was designed to be comfortable for people wearing glasses, the company claims. The charging case has a 550 mAh battery, and each bud brings 70 mAh more, enabling to a total playing time of 30 hours.

We will take our time testing these Acefast wireless earbuds and once we are done, we’ll be back with the review.

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