Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6 stars in a new hands-on video


We are less than a month away from the Galaxy Z Fold6 and Z Flip6’s official unveiling on July 10 and we now get to see a hands-on video of what appears to be a Galaxy Z Fold6 dummy.

The video confirms what we’ve already seen in numerous leaked renders of the device. It compares the Z Fold6 dummy to an actual Z Fold5, and the differences in the bodies are quite notable.

Right off the bat, we see the Z Fold6 take a more blocky design with sharp corners, similar to the Galaxy S24 Ultra‘s. The outer screen is wider and has considerably thinner bezels. The main display also gets thinner bezels this year, although the difference isn’t as prominent.

The side frame is now completely flat. There are no curvatures, but the hinge design looks exactly the same – no changes there.

The new camera island has a cleaner design and the camera lenses lie flush with the island. It looks nicer this way.

Last but not least, the video shows the new Z Fold6, which is about a millimeter thinner than its predecessor. The current Z Fold5 measures 13.5mm in thickness, while the Z Fold6 is 12.5mm. It remains to be seen whether this would make a big difference in hand.

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