Samsung Galaxy S25 battery capacity leaks


The battery capacity of Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S25 has leaked today, and it’s going to be identical to that of its predecessor. So, like the S24, the S25 will have a 4,000 mAh battery and nothing more.

Battery capacity has been a pain point at times for Samsung’s vanilla S-series devices, with it going from the 4,000 mAh of the S20 and S21 to the 3,700 mAh of the S22, then with the S23 to 3,900 mAh, only to finally reach 4,000 mAh again this year in the S24. And now it seems like there will be no change in 2025.

Samsung Galaxy S25 battery capacity leaks

Of course, the vanilla model is the smallest of the family, but a lot of handsets from Samsung’s Chinese competitors have upped their battery capacities in the past few months (at least slightly), and so it’s not a great look for the S25 launching in (most likely) January 2025 to still carry the same size battery as the S20 did in 2020.

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