Nothing CMF Phone 1 officially confirmed


Nothing put out a teaser a few days ago and the Internet was quick to put together the missing pieces and revealed that the company is going to launch a new phone. The handset will be called CMF Phone 1 as a new X post from Nothing confirms it.

Nothing CMF Phone 1 officially confirmed

The poster says Nothing has focused on the design in a segment, which is often overlooked by the big manufacturers. One could say it’s a stretch, but we believe that this statement indirectly confirms the unique design feature that leaked the other day.

Two separate X posts revealed the CMF Phone 1’s detailed specs and hinted at a design trait allowing certain proprietary accessories to be attached to the phone. The claim is further backed by the old and new teaser images.

The new teaser says it’s coming soon, but the report from June 4 says the release date will be in July, with a starting price of around $249-279.


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