Tecno Phantom V2 Flip surfaces on the FCC with a rectangular cover display

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The successor to the Tecno Phantom V Flip has appeared on FCC and the schematics found inside the documents reveal a change that we think will be received quite well. They also detail an improved battery. Here is a closer look alongside the original model for comparison:

Phantom V2 Flip (FCC)
Phantom V Flip

Phantom V2 Flip (FCC) • Phantom V Flip

Yes, it looks like the Tecno Phantom V2 Flip will use a rectangular display. That may look a bit more boring than the circular display of its predecessor, but it is noticeably more practical, since it places fewer restrictions on the app and widgets that can be displayed on it.

The phone will still have two cameras, though there are no details about them. But we did promise a better battery, so here’s what we’re basing this on:

Battery and charging details for the Phantom V2 Flip
Battery and charging details for the Phantom V2 Flip

The FCC describes a split battery – a main cell with 3,310mAh and a secondary 1,180mAh cell. This makes for a total of 4,490mAh (rated capacity, typical should be a bit higher), while the original V Flip had 4,000mAh in total. Additionally, the maximum charging is done at 70W, whereas the original topped out at 45W.

Tecno Phantom V2 Flip (AE11) FCC label
Tecno Phantom V2 Flip (AE11) FCC label

Note that the model number for the Tecno Phantom V2 Flip is Tecno AE11. This number has appeared on Geekbench previously, which showed a Dimensity 8050 chipset. Based on the FCC label, one memory configuration will be 8/256GB – it might be the only one (as it was for the V Flip).

There has been no word from Tecno on second generation foldables (the company also has a Phantom V Fold), but if the new Flip is going through the FCC, the launch should be relatively soon.

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