Samsung Galaxy Watch7 Pro tipped to have a larger battery


South Korean regulators certified the EB-BL705ABY battery with a rated capacity of 578mAh, which will clearly be used in an upcoming smartwatch. For reference, this is slightly bigger than the Galaxy Watch5 Pro, which has a rated capacity of 573mAh and a typical capacity (the number you usually see) of 590mAh.

That is quite a bit larger than the second largest battery on a recent Galaxy Watch, the Watch6 Classic at 425mAh, nearly a 40% gap.

Does this mean that there will be a Samsung Galaxy Watch7 Pro? Maybe, recent reports claim that there will be three models this generation with both classic and a Pro. And one of the three should be a rectangular watch, the likes of which we haven’t seen since the Galaxy Live a decade ago.

New battery for Samsung Galaxy Watch7
Galaxy Watch5 Pro battery

New battery for Samsung Galaxy Watch7 • Galaxy Watch5 Pro battery (iFixit)

If we assume that the Classic will stick to the trademark rotating bezel, then either the Pro or the vanilla model will be rectangular. A rectangular battery like the EB-BL705ABY fits much better in a rectangular watch, though the 45.4mm Watch5 Pro managed to fit its battery just fine.

Anyway, the new Exynos chipset that will be inside the Watch7 series will be 50% more efficient, so we may see a WearOS with truly impressive battery life. The Watch7 series might be unveiled at the same Galaxy Unpacked event that brings the next-gen foldables too (though it’s possible that the watches will get a separate event later on).

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