Samsung Bixby to gain generative AI


Samsung will reportedly bring generative AI tech to its virtual assistant Bixby. According to a top executive, the company is “working so hard” to make it happen, but there is no official timeline for now.

Samsung’s assistant is a core product available for TVs and digital appliances, meaning the Korean maker is looking to improve its chatbot and implement a cross-device solution.

Samsung wants to infuse Bixby with generative AI

Bixby has been part of Galaxy smartphones for the past seven years, starting with the launch of the Galaxy S8 flagships. It brought a number of groundbreaking functions for the time, like live translations and restaurant recommendations.

However, the voice assistant relied on users asking questions and fetching answers from the internet with simple commands. Bixby does not have the capacity of Open AI’s ChatGPT or Google Gemini, which can also generate new text and pictures in response to your queries.

Samsung wants to infuse Bixby with generative AI


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