Apple’s new iPad Pro and iPad Air now rumored to arrive in May


Apple’s oft-rumored but not yet unveiled next-generation iPad Pro and iPad Air models are now said to be arriving in early May. The new iPad Pro tablets will have OLED screens, as leaked countless times so far, while the iPad Air will for the first time in history be a series, not a lone device, as it will be offered in two sizes just like the iPad Air line.

It’s been about a year and a half since the introduction of the previous iPad Pros, and this marks the longest stretch in the history of Apple’s tablets without a new release. The wait will definitely be worth it, as the OLED screens will make them incredibly thin.

Apple's new iPad Pro and iPad Air now rumored to arrive in May

Production has apparently been ramped up in advance of the launch. The company is surely expecting these to help revitalize its tablet sales, which have fallen in each of Apple’s latest two fiscal years. There was also an additional 25% year-over-year decline during the last holiday season, when, in the past, iPads used to make for quite popular gifts.

The iPad Pros will feature the M3 chip and will come with redesigned versions of the Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil – the latter might even get support for the Vision Pro headset, according to a recent rumor. The iPad Air will also get a new processor and an additional 12.9-inch size, allowing people to buy a bigger iPad without needing to spend the money to go Pro.

Apparently, the initial plan Apple had was to release these new tablets by the end of March, but it has been “working to finish software” for them, which could account for the delay. The OLED screens may have contributed too, as they require complex new manufacturing techniques.


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