Apple tried to make the Apple Watch work with Android phones


After the US Department of Justice launched a lawsuit against Apple, arguing that the company has maintained illegal monopoly over the smartphone market and some related services, the Cupertino-based firm came out with a surprising story.

Apple tried to make the Apple Watch work with Android phones

For years now, one of the main criticisms against Apple has been its walled garden approach, which makes it extremely difficult or impossible to use its devices with other non-Apple products. However, it appears that the tech company tried to make its Apple Watch work with Android phones after all.

In fact, Apple has entertained the idea for three years. Apple’s statement is a response to DOJ’s allegations that Apple is gatekeeping its ecosystem.

Apple’s smartwatch—Apple Watch—is only compatible with the iPhone. So, if Apple can steer a user towards buying an Apple Watch, it becomes more costly for that user to purchase a different kind of smartphone because doing so requires the user to abandon their costly Apple Watch and purchase a new, Android-compatible smartwatch.

Apple argues that there are technological limitations and Apple Watch just can’t work with Android phones. This is particularly interesting since there’s an old report claiming the same thing, but only now is Apple admitting it.


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