2024 iPad Pro to have smaller bezels

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A few hours ago a rumor surfaced saying the entire iPhone 16 family will come with thinner bezels, and now the same is said to be true of the upcoming iPad Pro models. Apple sure seems to be in a bezel-trimming mood this year.

Apple is widely expected to introduce a new iPad Pro generation either towards the end of this month or in April. These tablets are now rumored to come with 7.12mm bezels (on the 11″ model) and 7.08mm bezels (on the 12.9″ tablet).

2024 iPad Pro to have smaller bezels

That would make their bezels between 10% and 15% smaller than what we’ve seen on the previous-gen iPad Pros. The next iPad Pro tablets will also get the M3 chip, a landscape front camera, some rear camera design tweaks, and maybe MagSafe wireless charging.

There should also be an updated Magic Keyboard with a partly aluminum enclosure and a new Apple Pencil. Perhaps the thing people will notice the most, however, aside from the smaller bezels, will be the thinness – these are slated to be the thinnest iPads ever made, thanks to the rumored OLED screens they should sport.

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