US planning to ban 4 more Chinese chipmakers linked to Huawei


The battle between the United States and Huawei continues as the Biden Administration is considering blacklisting four more chipmakers from China linked to the tech giant.

According to sources quoted by Bloomberg, the companies are Qingdao Sien, SwaySure, Shenzhen Pensun Technology, as well as China’s leading memory chip maker, ChangXin Memory Technologies (CXMT).

Huawei HQ
Huawei HQ

All these companies might be added to the US Entity List, which means American companies wanting to do business with them will need a special permission to do so. Beyond all these makers that actually manufacture chips, sources said two additional firms might be added, which act as proxies to help Huawei obtain restricted equipment for manufacturing 5G modems and technologies.

Previous reports suggested the Chinese state is heavily investing in Huawei to become a chip mogul able to compete with giants like Intel and Qualcomm. The Chinese company managed to manufacture the Kirin 9000S chip on its own 7nm FinFET process in three years instead of five, as some US experts predicted.


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