HMD teases the return of an icon


HMD moved to a multi-brand approach for its portfolio, and last month at MWC the company confirmed it has another Nokia feature phone in its pipeline. We also got the May release month and a pixelated image back then.

Now a post on X gives us a clearer idea of what to expect. While no names are explicitly mentioned, it’s most likely the Nokia 3210 that’s getting a sequel.

HMD teases the return of an icon

The image posted and the short link to the landing page for the announcement both suggest a birthday. The post was made on March 18, the 25th birthday of the Nokia 3210.

The iconic phone paved the way for the Nokia 3310 to become a legend of the mobile phone industry. Nokia actually brought the Snake game, the customizable panels, the built-in ringtone composer and the antenna-less design first in the 3210 before bringing them to the 3310.

We’ll hopefully get more hints from HMD in the two months leading up to the announcement to confirm or disprove our theory>.


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