Apple thinks 128GB is “lots of storage”


Apple’s iPhone 15 starts at 128GB of built-in storage, a chunk of which is of course taken up by iOS and the preinstalled apps. In 2024, you may think that’s not really sufficient, or at least not a lot. But Apple begs to differ.

The company says the iPhone 15, which, again, starts at 128GB, has “lots of storage for lots of photos” in the description for its newest video ad. Let’s watch the ad together below.

It’s definitely got a catchy soundtrack, and the idea is pretty cool, and it’s definitely well executed – we can’t fault the ad for any of those things. It’s just the premise behind it that strikes us as a little bit weird. If it’s storage Apple wants to highlight, then why not do that with the 1TB iPhone 15 Pro or iPhone 15 Pro Max?

Advertising storage space for the baseline, entry-level 128GB iPhone 15 is odd, isn’t it? What do you think? Is 128GB really enough to store all your photos? Does it even matter in the age of ubiquitous cloud backup?

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