The cheaper Galaxy Z Fold6 version might cost way less than you were expecting


For a while now Samsung has been rumored to shake up the foldable smartphone market this year by launching a cheaper version of the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold6 alongside that device – most likely in early to mid July.

This cheaper version of the foldable now has a rumored price tag, and it’s shockingly good: under $800. That’s less than half what the Fold5 started at. You should probably read that as $799, and don’t forget that $799 could translate into €919 or something like that across the pond, but still – for a book-like foldable, this is incredibly impressive and could indeed catapult the foldable market to new highs, sales-wise.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5

That is, of course, if this yet unconfirmed rumor from Korea actually pans out. That’s a big ‘if’, but color us excited nevertheless. The same source also tells us that the cheaper Fold6 will have similar cameras to the Fold5, since they’re not that expensive to begin with. Samsung is even said to use the exact same suppliers.

Huawei is starting to really dig into Samsung’s global market share for foldables, and this cheaper Fold6 might be the Korean company’s answer. For the sake of the market itself, we hope so.

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