Report: Apple considers licensing Google’s Gemini AI for iPhone


The upcoming iOS 18 release is touted as one of the biggest updates in iPhone software history with the generative AI features finally rumored to grace iPhones. It was long rumored how Apple would approach adding generative AI to iOS but we now have our potential answer – Google Gemini. Bloomberg reports that Apple is in active talks with Google to license its Gemini generative AI models. Apple is also reportedly considering OpenAI and its GPT series model.

Report: Apple is considering a license deal with Google for Gemini AI on iPhone

According to the new report, Apple will bring new AI features developed on its own large language model (LLM) – one of which is allegedly codenamed Ajax and which is costing Apple “millions of dollars a day” to train. But Cupertino will likely go the licensing route for its generative AI features coming to iOS 18. Apple and Google already have a big search engine deal that reportedly yields Apple upwards of $18 billion per year. Anyway, don’t expect any announcements before June’s WWDC when Apple is set to unveil iOS 18.


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