Huawei teases Band 9 smartband and FreeLace Pro 2 neckband-style headphones


The Huawei Band 8 was announced almost a year ago (in early April 2023), it brought a much lighter body while retaining the 1.47” OLED display. Now number 9 is on the way and it is bringing a friend.

Huawei posted this teaser clip on X that offers glimpses of the new band. We took that and pieced together a full look at the Huawei Band 9:

Huawei Band 9

Huawei Band 9

The overall design is the same, a rounded rectangle holding the display with 2.5D glass on top and a button on the side. Huawei promises that the new model will bring a “new era in wrist fashion and sleep feature enhancements”.

We mentioned a second device and this is a sequel that is a long time coming – the Huawei FreeLace Pro were announced in August 2020 (these were neckband-style headphones). The Huawei FreeLace Pro 2 is finally on the way as seen in another teaser clip.

Once again, we took the video and put together a static image that is easier to view:

Huawei FreeLace Pro 2

Huawei FreeLace Pro 2

Check out our review of the original. The FreeLace Pro was rated IP55, offered 24 hour battery life and featured Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) at a price of €120. The new model promises “world of convenience and prepare for an immersive experience”.

Both the Band 9 and FreeLace Pro 2 are tagged #ComingSoon, but the posts don’t get any more specific than that.

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