Google Pixel Fold 2’s screen sizes outed


Google’s Pixel Fold 2 is coming later this year. Its announcement could happen in May at the company’s annual developer conference, or in October at the annual Pixel phones launch – a rumor from last month tipped the scales a little bit toward the latter, but it’s still not a given.

When it does land, the Pixel Fold 2 will apparently have bigger screens than its predecessor. The internal, folding display will be 8.02″ while the outside screen will measure 6.29″ diagonally, according to DSCC’s Ross Young, an accurate source of supply-chain related information in the past. For reference, the Pixel Fold shipped with a 7.6″ folding screen and 5.8″ cover display.

Panel production for the Pixel Fold 2’s screens is set to start in April, as you can see – this would imply a summer launch of the device at the latest.

Previously leaked images of the Pixel Fold 2 show a very different camera island design compared to all of the other recent Pixels, and a new aspect ratio, the change of which has long been rumored. The Fold 2’s cover screen is longer and narrower than the original Fold’s. This might mitigate the original’s issue with apps opening in landscape mode when it’s unfolded.

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