Huawei seeding new Harmony OS beta to over two dozen devices


Huawei announced the launch of a new Harmony OS beta trial in China. Community members can join the program and test the new features, which include easier navigation, safer and more secure operations across the interface, and more responsive functions.

The trial version is limited to only 2,000 people— 200 will get a log version, and the other 1,800 will get a no-log version, in which any bugs have to be reported manually.

Huawei starts seeding new Harmony OS beta to over two dozen devices

Also, upgrading to the new build would mean no going back to the stable version, and probably the most obvious requirement — only users in China are allowed. People from around the world who have EMUI-branded OS cannot participate.

Here’s the full list of smartphones and tablets that are getting the trial version:

Huawei is also gathering people to test Harmony OS on TVs, including four models from the V series and six models from the SE lineup.

Users with devices purchased in China must ensure they have at least 8 GB storage and the latest Harmony OS. Anyone willing to participate can do it through the My Huawei app, where an Upgrade option will be available in the Home tab.

Huawei is gathering applications and will select the 2,000 people before March 30.

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