Apple to reinstate Epic Games’ developer account after an EU order


Shortly after Apple terminated Epic Games’ developer account, the EU Commission launched a probe against the Cupertino-based company to see if there’s any violation of the Digital Markets Act (DMA). And a swift decision followed.

In an X post, Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney said that Apple will be reinstating the European developer account after the EU Commission enforced the DMA. The X post even suggests that the EU’s decision paves the way for an Epic Games Store on iOS in Europe.

This has been a long-standing dispute between Apple and Epic Games, as the former does not allow third-party app stores on its platform, which directly violates EU’s Digital Markets Act.

After further talks, Apple says Epic Sweden AB has agreed to play by the rules and its account will be reinstated after agreeing to the Apple Developer Program policies. Still, it sounds like Epic Games won’t be backtracking on its commitment to bring Epic Games app store as well as Fortnite to iOS in Europe.


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