Apple shut down Epic Games developer account and hopes for its iOS games store


The European Union’s Digital Markets Act (DMA) will allow iOS app developers to finally distribute their apps via alternative app stores across the 27 member states. Epic Games announced its plans to bring its Epic Games Store to European shores but it seems those plans will not pan out for now as Apple has terminated Epic’s developer account.

Apple shut down Epic Games developer account and hopes for its iOS games store

Epic Games was deemed “verifiably untrustworthy” by Apple in a letter sent to the gaming developer by Cupertino’s lawyers. Epic’s press release even shows direct e-mail correspondences between Tim Sweeny and Apple executives Phil Schiller and Craig Federighi.

Apple is rightly concerned that Epic Games Sweden AB does not intend to adhere to its contractual commitments to Apple and is in fact a vehicle to manipulate proceedings in other jurisdictions.

Apple is fiercely committed to protecting the integrity of the iOS platform, as well as its intellectual property. Apple’s App Store rules, which Epic has flagrantly violated in the past, protect the security, safety, and privacy of users. They benefit all developers, and they increase Interbrand competition.

Given the past and current conduct of Epic, Apple cannot allow Epic Games Sweden AB to be part of its ecosystem. Please be advised that Apple has, effective immediately, terminated the Developer Program membership of Epic Games Sweden AB. – letter sent to Epic Games by Apple lawyers

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeny publicly criticized Apple’s approach to alternative iOS app stores due to their bureaucratic approval process and commission system. These claims which were also backed by Xbox and Spotify officials.

Epic Games applied for an Apple developer account under Epic Games Sweden AB and was initially approved. Apple then questioned Epic Games’s contractual commitments under the developer agreement and despite assurances from Tim Sweeney, Apple terminated Epic’s developer account. Epic may still use other alternative app stores to distribute its games as hinted by its CEO but its Epic Games Store for iOS is looking out of reach for now.

The EU Commission has reportedly requested “further explanation” from Apple over its decision to terminate Epic’s developer account.


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