Xiaomi Watch S3 in for review

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Xiaomi announced the Watch S3 to the global audience in Barcelona during its MWC keynote. The wearable is now with us for review in silver, and since the device is all about customization, we also have two bezels (yellow and green) and their matching straps.

Xiaomi Watch S3 in for review

Xiaomi S3 ships with a proprietary charger with two pogo pins, instead of a wireless charger. Unlike its siblings from the Watch 2 series, this wearable does not have WearOS and comes with HyperOS, meaning no extra apps will be available to download, at least for now.

The screen is a 1.43″ OLED and it’s very responsive to swi[es and touches. It is packed within a 47 mm body but the wearable feels light and unintrusive on the wrist.

Xiaomi Watch S3 in for review

The Watch S3 has two buttons on the right side – the top one is for going back or to the home screen, while the bottom can be programmed to a variety of features, with default setting being workout mode. The bezel does not rotate and is only a fashion accessory.

The navigation appears to be easy – a swipe down reveals the notifications, while the control panel is available with a swipe up. There are also several cards that can be accessed with a side swipe.

Xiaomi Watch S3 in for review

The watch has a 12-channel heart rate monitor on the back, and it supports all-day heart rate, stress and oxygen saturation monitoring. It could also provide breathing exercises and women’s health predictions.

We’ll make sure to test the wearable and find how it performs in daily usage and come up with a verdict on whether the €150 price tag is justified.

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