HMD to unveil Barbie flip phone and new Nokia phone this Summer


HMD didn’t actually bring any new devices to unveil at MWC 2024, but it offered a couple of exciting hints regarding its future plans.

First up, HMD has a new partnership with Mattel. It will manifest in a new Barbie-themed flip phone, which is coming in July. We don’t know anything substantial about the Barbie phone yet, yell, aside from the obvious fact that it will be pink. HMD does, however, specify that we are talking about a “retro feature phone” here, not a clamshell with a foldable display.

HMD device roadmap

HMD device roadmap

Next up, HMD also delivered some Nokia news at its MWC event. You might have recently heard the news that HMD is moving away from the Nokia brand. However, we are now getting mixed messages since the HDM MWC 2024 press release states, “You’ll continue to see Nokia phones…”. At the very least, it seems that the Nokia discontinuation won’t be sudden since HMD teased at least one more Nokia device coming in May 2024. Judging from the pixelated image, the yellow device looks like another reincarnation of a retro “candy bar”-style device. Even so, we’re here for it.

Finally, we can look forward to two HMD-branded smartphones coming in July. We don’t have any info on these either for now.


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