Buyers of the 256GB OnePlus 12R are now entitled to a full refund


The OnePlus 12R recently reached North American and European shores but those who bought a 256GB storage version prior are now entitled to a full refund if they are willing to return their device.

Buyers of the 256GB OnePlus 12R are now entitled to a full refund

To recap, OnePlus was advertising that the 16GB RAM and 256GB storage trim OP 12R was packing UFS 4.0 storage while it was actually using the slower UFS 3.1 type as later confirmed by OnePlus President and COO Kinder Liu. The executive now confirmed that all buyers of the 256GB storage OnePlus 12R are entitled to a full refund valid until March 16.

If you’ve received a OnePlus 12R 256GB variant and want to discuss the situation with the file system type on your phone, please contact Customer Service through your usual channel. They will be able to discuss next steps with you, up to and including a refund until 16th March 2024.

We’re still confident that OnePlus 12R lives up to the high expectations you have of our devices, and that you will love it when you try it. But I also hope that our quick action shows that we value our relationship with you, our Community, and has helped restore your trust in us. – Kinder Liu, OnePlus President and COO

If you purchased a 256GB OnePlus 12R and want to apply for a refund, you should contact OnePlus’ Customer Service. The process should be straightforward, though do keep in mind that this is a limited-time offer and is valid until March 16.


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