Xiaomi 14 Ultra coming to Europe next month

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Android Planet found another hint that unlike the 14 Pro, the Xiaomi 14 Ultra is coming to Europe. This aligns well with previous rumors that the Ultra model is joining the vanilla Xiaomi 13 in global markets. And now we can also add a date to look forward to.

Xiaomi 14 Ultra coming to Europe next month

Once you register at Xiaomi’s Dutch website, you will be presented with a couple of discount coupons, one of which is for the Xiaomi 14 Ultra. The €200 coupon can be used at any time between February 25 and March 31 if you are ordering an Ultra, of course.

This means the device will be available for purchase, or at least pre-order, within the listed time frame. Seeing how Xiaomi is hosting an event on February 25 the dates align too well for it to be a coincidence.

For now, we can only go through the leaked specs showing modest changes in the hardware, except for some notable improvements in the camera department.

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