Samsung Galaxy Fit3 spotted in a store, price revealed


It has been over three years since the last Galaxy Fit smart band was released, but Samsung has decided to resurrect the line with with Galaxy Fit3. This has leaked extensively recently and now someone managed to snap a photo of the retail box for the band and even took a peek at the price.

The boxes were spotted in a store in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, featuring both the black and the silver colorways. There should be a pink gold one too, based on previous leaks.

Samsung Galaxy Fit3 retail package

Samsung Galaxy Fit3 retail package

Anyway, the Samsung Galaxy Fit3 is reportedly priced TZS 250,000, which converts to $100/€90/£80/₹8,000 or thereabouts (of course, this doesn’t account for taxes and other costs). For reference, the Fit2 was $60/₹4,000 when it launched.

Samsung has another small health tracking gadget in the works too, the Galaxy Ring. However, we may not see this until late this year or even early next year, so if you want a heart rate tracker and step counter but don’t want the full Galaxy Watch package, the Fit3 could a good alternative.

By the way, there’s still no date for when Samsung will make the Galaxy Fit3 official, but it can’t be long now if units have already shipped to stores.


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