Nokia and vivo sign patent cross-license agreement


Nokia announced today it signed a multi-year cross-license agreement with vivo. The Chinese company has agreed to pay royalties to the Finns as well as catch-up payments for the dispute period.

The agreement resolves all pending patent litigation between both parties. Terms between Nokia and vivo will remain confidential, as agreed between the two companies.

Nokia and vivo sign 5G patent cross-license agreement

The agreement is one of the final steps of the smartphone licensing renewal cycle for Nokia. It should open the doors for vivo back to the European market after the company was banned from selling its new phones due to the pending lawsuit.

This is the sixth major smartphone patent license agreement Nokia signed in the past thirteen months, revealed Jenni Lukander, President of Nokia Technologies. The deal will provide long-term stability to the company’s licensing business “for years to come”.

vivo, for its part, said the agreement reflected “the mutual recognition and respect for each other’s patent value in cellular technology,” and the deal will play a significant role in fostering a “positive development environment within the industry.”

Nokia and vivo sign 5G patent cross-license agreement


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