Samsung Spain denies a change to Galaxy S24 vivid mode is coming


Samsung’s new Galaxy S24 series phones have a display color inconsistency which has already been acknowledged by the company. The Vivid color profile on the S24 phones is not as vivid as on its predecessors but a new statement from Samsung Spain suggests that the change is intentional and is not a product defect.

Samsung Spain denies a change to Galaxy S24 vivid mode is coming

Spanish blog Teknófilo got in touch with Samsung Spain and the local branch issued an official statement which reads as follows.

We have adjusted the colors and brightness of Galaxy S24 series products to provide more accurate and comfortable viewing during use. Some changes have been made to the display technology to provide a more natural viewing experience, so users may notice differences in color depth compared to older devices.

This display behavior is an intentional color adjustment and is not a product defect, so it is safe to use.

To provide our customers with the best possible experience, we value your feedback and continuously improve our software (UX) as the market and consumer interests evolve. – Samsung Spain statement

We observed the disparity in color reproduction on our own Galaxy S24 review unit when compared to last year’s Galaxy S23. The colors on the newer device in Vivid mode were less saturated than on last year’s model and barely different from the Natural color profile. We’ll be keeping an eye out on this development and any additional info from Samsung but for now, it seems like there won’t be any fixes.

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