Apple Vision Pro battery specs revealed


The Apple Vision Pro reviews are in, and so we finally know its battery’s specs. Back when pre-orders started, Apple only revealed that the battery was good for two hours of “general use”, and 2.5 hours of video watching. It turns out those estimates were pretty accurate, perhaps even underpromising a tad.

And yet, you may have been left wondering, all this time, what the actual capacity of the battery is. Now the mystery is solved: it’s 3,166 mAh. That doesn’t sound like much, considering its size and 353g weight, but there’s a twist.

And that’s that it is capable of 13V 6A max output, and that voltage far exceeds what any 3.8V phone battery is capable of. An equivalent 35.9 Wh for the typical phone battery voltage would result in a capacity of 9,440 mAh, so if you were thinking something along the lines of “that looks just like a 10,000 mAh power bank” – well, yes.

The Vision Pro’s battery is external, as you surely know by now, and it has a proprietary connector to attach it to the headset, as well as a USB-C port that charges it using the shockingly-for-Apple bundled 30W wall charger. The proprietary connector uses a twist to lock system to connect to the headset without much fumbling about.

Apple does sell extra battery packs for the Vision Pro for $200 each, but note that these aren’t hot-swappable. When the cable is disconnected, the headset dies and then it reboots when the new battery is connected.

The Vision Pro will become available in the US only this Friday, on February 2. It is slated to launch in additional countries sometime later this year.


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