Pixel feature drop brings circle to search, magic compose and body temperature sensing on the Pixel 8 Pro

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Google rolled out its first Pixel feature drop for the year and it brings a trio of coveted features for the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro as well as some of Google’s older devices, smartwatches and tablet.

Circle to search which was announced during the Galaxy S24 series launch is officially confirmed to arrive to Pixel 8 and 8 Pro on January 31. The feature allows you to search for information on your screen by holding down the home button/nav bar and

Google introduces Circle to Search on Android

Magic Compose is making its grand appearance inside the Google Messages app for Pixel 6 and newer devices. The feature offers generative AI responses based on your conversations and can be triggered from a new option next to the emoji menu in the message type box. You’ll be able to select a writing style ranging from excited to Shakespeare and tune your message to sound concise and professional for formal occasions. Pixel 8 Pro will be doing all the heavy lifting on-device while the other Pixels will leverage the clouds

Magic Compose in action
Magic Compose in action
Magic Compose in action

Magic Compose in action

Google is making the temperature sensor on the Pixel 8 Pro a lot more useful as it can now take FDA-approved medical-grade body temperature measurements which can also be saved to your FitBit profile.

Photomoji is another new feature inside the Google Messages app which allows you to make reaction stickers from your photos. Nearby Share is now rebranded to Quick Share and works on any Android 6 and up phone. Seamless Audio switching is coming to Pixel phones, Pixel Watch and Watch 2 as well and Pixel tablet and allows for automatic switching between paired devices with the Pixel Buds Pro.

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