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At the end of its huge Unpacked event that took place mere hours ago, Samsung teased the next big thing – the Galaxy Ring. Yes, it’s a smart ring, and it looks just like a smart ring from the teaser. See for yourself:

The Galaxy Ring will bring Samsung’s “cutting edge” health innovations to a brand new form factor. It will be a “powerful and accessible health and wellness device, here to change the shape of future health like only Samsung can”. That’s the quote from the stage, make of it what you wish.

The ring is circular and black, at least in the iteration that was shown in the teaser. Speaking of teasers, did you notice the not so subtly hidden teaser for the Galaxy Ring that was snuck into the Samsung official promo video about Samsung Health? We already mentioned this one in our post going through all of the official videos, but here it is again – make sure you pay attention at the 2:10 mark.

What could that be? What could that shape represent? Oh, wait, it’s pretty obvious, isn’t it? The Galaxy Ring has been doing the rounds in the rumorsphere for quite a while now, and at one point it was said to be the star of today’s show. That didn’t happen, and now it’s expected to be unveiled at some point later this year – perhaps it could launch alongside the next-gen foldables in July? We’ll have to wait and see.

Naturally, as it’s a smart wearable device, expect it to, at the very least, track a bunch of health metrics and provide you with vibrations for notifications. Since it has no screen, battery life should be better than on a smartwatch.

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