Galaxy Watch4, Watch5, and Watch6 finally get blood pressure and ECG support in India



Following approval by India’s Central Drugs Standard Control Organization, Samsung’s Galaxy Watch4, Watch5, and Watch6 models (including the Pro and Classic ones) can now finally, for the first time, measure your blood pressure and take an ECG in India.

For this, you need Samsung Health Monitor installed on both your watch and your phone – which has to be a Samsung running Android 9.0 or later because why not gatekeep features when you can gatekeep features, right?

Samsung Galaxy Watch4, Watch5, and Watch6 finally have blood pressure and ECG support

Anyway, there are calibration steps involved before you take a blood pressure measurement – you are actually required to have an upper-arm, cuff-based blood pressure monitor. And you need to keep calibrating every 28 days based on its readings.

For ECG, the procedure is less involved (but still dependent on you having a Samsung phone of course). The scanning takes about 30 seconds in which you need to remain still. You can even add some symptoms to your ECG report if you’re experiencing them. Looking at your report can be done on your phone via a different app, called ECG Monitor.



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