NordVPN introduces its own eSIM service called Saily


The people behind NordVPN are launching an eSIM service, called Saily. It will provide digital eSIM cards to all users without the limitation of their own carrier, provided the smartphone does support the virtual SIM card feature.

The service is still in beta; users can sign up for early access. The app will be officially launched later this year.

NordVPN introduces its own eSIM service called Saily

According to Vykintas Maknickas, Head of product strategy at Nord Security, Saily will ensure users don’t need to use public Wi-Fi networks that they are not comfortable with. Customers will be able to choose from “hundreds of countries and dozens of plans” to get a deal on mobile data.

ESIM cards are used mainly by travelers and people working remotely to decrease roaming charges. According to Nord Security, some people also need a cheap data package in their own country after a prepaid plan runs out.

NordVPN introduces its own eSIM service called Saily

The new Saily app should compete with Airalo, a service downloaded over 5 million times on Google Play and App Store. It provides virtual SIM cards from all regions of the world with data packages at competitive prices.

There’s also the convenience of not needing to purchase a SIM card in a new country in a foreign language with a different currency.


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