Best Buy US drops Pixel Watch 2 price to $300, original Pixel Watch is down to $200


Google acquired Fitbit in early 2021 and launched its first smartwatch the following year and the sequel the year after that. Now both are available with a discount from Best Buy.

The Google Pixel Watch 2 features a new(er) chipset that improves battery life – having to charge too often is always a pain point for smartwatches. It also adds skin temperature and skin conductance sensors.

The watch is available with a $50 discount. This puts the Wi-Fi version at $300, while the version with LTE connectivity is $350.

To be fair, the upgrades on the 2023 model aren’t that big and the original Google Pixel Watch costs 33% less– down to $200 after an $80 discount. There are some other differences, e.g. the original has a stainless steel frame, while version 2 switched to aluminum (that made it a bit lighter, but it’s 36g vs. 31g, so you might not notice).

Google has committed to 3 years of major OS updates for the original Pixel Watch and five years of patches. It launched with Wear OS 3.5 and has already received Wear OS 4 and it still has a while to go before it loses support.

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