Samsung announces Premiere 8K and Premiere 5 UST projectors


Samsung announced new versions of its Premiere 7 and Premiere 9 ultra short-throw projectors, which are successor to the Premiere LSP7T and LSP9T from last year, as well as the Premiere 5 and Premiere 8K. One feature found in all projectors this year is the so-called Lightwarp, which turns any object or surface into an interactive display.

Let’s start with the Premiere 8K, which is the new king of the Samsung projector hill. As the name suggests, the device supports 8K resolution and can upscale 4K content into 8K natively. It houses a 100W sound 8.2.2-channel sound system with Dolby Atmos and Sound-on-Screen support. The latter makes it seem like the sound is coming from the projected screen.

Samsung's Premiere short-throw projectors announced

Premiere 8K can do 150-inch image from just 12″ away. Additionally, the projector comes with a Wireless One Connect Box, which is used to connect all your streaming devices and the box itself sends the content to the projector. The two devices need to be within 10 meters away from each other.

The Premiere 5 also packs a serious punch given its size. Samsung markets the Premiere 5 as the world’s most compact triple-laser ultra-short-throw projector. It’s about 20 cm tall, almost 14 cm wide and just as deep, while tipping the scale at just 1.67 kg, making it easy to move around the house. The device can project a 100-inch screen from 17″ away.

As far as the Lightwarp feature goes, Samsung gave a few use case examples. You can set up widgets of your choice on the wall, like weather, clock, news, etc. You will then be able to interact with the content on the projected screen. The functionality will work with tabletop games too.

Samsung hasn’t disclosed any details regarding pricing and availability just yet. However, you can sign up for news related to Samsung’s 2024 TV and audio lineups and you can get $100 off your purchase. You will also have the chance to win a Freestyle 2nd Gen with Gaming Hub portable projector.


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