Honor signs a 5G patent license agreement with Nokia

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Today Nokia announced that it’s signed a 5G patent license agreement with Honor. This covers both companies’ “fundamental inventions in 5G and other cellular technologies”, according to the official press release.

Nokia boasts that it’s the fourth major smartphone agreement that it has concluded in the past 12 months, sounding more and more like a patent licensing firm than anything else. It further says its “industry-leading patent portfolio” is composed of “around 20,000 patent families, including over 6,000 patent families declared essential to 5G”.

Honor Magic5 Pro
Honor Magic5 Pro

Anyway, as you may have expected, the exact terms of the agreement between Honor and Nokia remain confidential between them. It’s interesting to see Honor choosing to go this route, while fellow Chinese company Oppo has instead battled it out with Nokia through the courts, with some pretty bad results in parts of Europe. Maybe Oppo is next?

In early 2023, Nokia extended its cross-license patent agreement with Samsung, and then it did the same with Apple in July. Now Honor is part of the game, so there’s no chance of Nokia suing it for patent infringement like it did with Oppo.


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