Medications Tracking feature comes to Samsung Health


Samsung announced a new Medications Tracking feature for its Samsung Health app. It does exactly what you think it does – it helps you track your prescription and over-the-counter medications and makes sure you don’t forget to take them.

Samsung announces Medications Tracking feature to its Samsung Health platform

Samsung believes that Medications Tracking will help users adhere to their regular medication intake by setting up reminders, which can be “gentle” and “strong”, depending on how important is the medication at hand and how time-sensitive it is.

The reminders are also designed for people taking various supplements for general well-being, so in this case, for example, a simple pop-up will be enough.

In addition to easier tracking of medication and reminders, Samsung Health also provides some basic information on some popular medications. The app will show you a general description, possible side effects, and unwanted interactions with other medications that you may be taking. Moreover, the app will warn you to stay clear of certain foods or drinks that may cause adverse reactions in combination with the current medication.

For now, the feature will be made available to US customers and it will roll out this week. However, there’s no word on when other markets will get the new functionality.

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