TikTok updated to support foldables and tablets

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Mobile-first social networks are surprisingly bad at adopting new form factors – for example, it was only this August that Instagram got support for foldable phones. TikTok wasn’t a great experience of foldables either, at least until now.

TikTok updated to support foldables and tablets

With the latest update to its app, TikTok looks and works better on foldables and tablets. The company calls it a “complete upgrade” and lists the following highlights:

  • Clear video feed: Enjoy a more refined video feed that showcases content with enhanced clarity.
  • Streamlined navigation bars: Navigate through TikTok effortlessly with sleek navigation bars at the top and bottom of the screen for easy access to your favorite features and tabs.
  • Support for landscape or portrait use: It doesn’t matter how you hold your device, TikTok will now work in landscape or portrait orientation.

The app’s focus remains on portrait video, but at least now it’s usable in landscape mode, which is the default for horizontal foldables and tablets. You can always turn those 90°, of course.


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