Tipster details the camera upgrades coming to the Galaxy S24, S25 and S26 Ultra models


The rumored details for cameras of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra have more or less settled, so attention is now turning towards future models. Between now and 2026 Samsung will upgrade the wide, ultra wide and telephoto cameras of its Ultra models, according to tipster Revegnus.

According to their roadmap, the Galaxy S24 Ultra will switch to a 50MP sensor with 0.7µm pixels for its periscope camera. The current S23 has a 10MP with 1.12µm pixels. The 2024 model will give the user a choice between larger pixels with binning or more zoom without. Samsung has already hinted that it is working on high resolution sensors for tele cameras.

The main camera is to stay as it is right now. A year later, the Galaxy S25 Ultra will be a major upgrade, perhaps the biggest of the three. The main lens will get a new lens and the ultra wide module will be upgraded to a 50MP sensor (up from 12MP on the S23 and S24 Ultras).

Even more interesting is what will happen to the periscope – it is supposed to gain a variable focal length, which is something that only Sony offers right now. This will allow the camera to hold off on leveraging in-sensor zoom until it reaches the end of its optical zoom, which will improve the quality of zoom shots.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra camera setup
The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra camera setup

The sensor in the main camera will finally be upgraded with the Galaxy S26 Ultra – it will grow from the current 1/1.3” 0.6µm to 1.1” 0.7µm. The resolution will stay at 200MP.

By the way, we’ve heard that the Galaxy S25 And S25+ will have new sensors too, but the changes will be less extensive than on their Ultra sibling. That is a year away from now, however, the S24 series is coming first and is expected in mid-January.

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