Weekly poll results: OnePlus 12 gets a better reception than its predecessor

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Last week’s poll shows that people are excited for the OnePlus 12. However, just like with the OnePlus 11, a lot of people are holding off until they see how the phone performs in reviews. But the 12 is already looking better than its predecessor with the majority of people either already planning to get it once it becomes the available or (as mentioned) waiting to see whether OnePlus’ promises for its new flagships hold up during the review process.

That is not to say that the phone is without its critics. Predictably, some see it as too big. And we saw more than a few comments from people unhappy about the curved screen. A while back OnePlus abandoned its vanilla/pro dual launch strategy and is only releasing pro flagships (even if they are no longer called that). A smaller OnePlus 12 with a flat display, what would have been the vanilla model in previous years, might have found an audience too. But now it’s the 12 or one of the Nords.

Weekly poll results: OnePlus 12 gets a better reception than its predecessor

There were a few other complaints, e.g. why does this flagship not have an IP68 rating? Still, most people see the phone as offering great value for money – only few see it as too pricey.

Of course, we haven’t seen the global pricing for the OnePlus 12 yet, that launch is scheduled for next year. But OnePlus shouldn’t put it off for too long, there is already a long list of capable flagships and there are more to come (with Samsung’s Galaxy S24 series being mentioned pretty often).

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