Rumor: Samsung to adopt new design in 2026, a smaller Galaxy S Ultra in the works


A somewhat questionable report claims a few major developments from Samsung in the coming years. First off, the company is expected to keep its minimalist design language until and including, the Galaxy S25 series in 2025, then switch to a new design language altogether. There’s also a part in the report about Samsung shrinking down the Galaxy A series.

Here’s where the report gets dicey. It says Samsung is considering making an iPhone Pro competitor and putting it in the FE lineup. We could read this is a smaller Galaxy S Ultra type of device or perhaps a more capable Galaxy FE device. It’s reportedly in the early stages of development.

Rumor: Samsung to adopt new design in 2026, possible smaller Galaxy S Ultra in the works

The other alleged incoming product is a Galaxy Fold Lite model that could either shrink the cover display or remove it entirely. This will reportedly arrive after the Galaxy Z Fold6. The report claims that such a Fold Lite would mean no Z Flip model, which is hard to believe given the Z Flip’s popularity.

It’s food for thought, but it’s too early to be considered a serious report.

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