Oppo Find X7 Pro’s camera sensor teaser suggests imminent arrival

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Sony and Oppo announced a strategic partnership back in September which would see the upcoming Oppo flagships using Sony’s new Lytia dual-layer stacked CMOS sensors. Sony Lytia’s Weibo account just shared another teaser for its Lytia LYT-900 imaging sensor which is expected to debut on the Find X7 Pro soon.

Sony LYT-900 sensor teaser poster (machine translated from Chinese)

Sony LYT-900 sensor teaser poster (machine translated from Chinese)

The LYT-900 sensor from Sony was announced back in June and is a 50MP 1-inch type stacked CMOS sensor with 1.6μ pixels. The new stacked design separates the transistors and photodiode layers allowing for physically larger diodes, more light capture and better low-light performance. Oppo previously detailed its next-gen Hasselblad HyperTone camera system which will feature four camera sensors, Hasselblad color calibration and a class-leading zoom lens.

Oppo Find X7 Pro’s main camera sensor teased

Find X7 Pro is rumored to launch with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, up to 16GB RAM, 1 TB storage and satellite connectivity. It will be joined by the vanilla Find X7 featuring the Dimensity 9300 chipset and 100W charging.


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