Apple iPhone SE 4 to use iPhone 14’s battery


The Apple iPhone SE 4, rumored to launch in 2024, is said to have an iPhone 14-like design. Now we hear the iPhone SE 4 will also use the iPhone 14‘s battery.

This information comes from MacRumors, who claim the prototypes of the iPhone SE 4 – having device identifier D59 – have been seen equipped with Li-Ion batteries bearing model code A2863. That’s the same battery used for the iPhone 14, having a capacity of 3,279 mAh.

iPhone SE (2022) aka iPhone SE 3
iPhone 14

iPhone SE (2022) aka iPhone SE 3 • iPhone 14

The source claims that the internal design documentation for the iPhone SE 4 also corroborates this. If Apple proceeds with this battery for the iPhone SE 4, it will be an increase of 1,261 mAh over the iPhone SE 3‘s cell.

However, it’s worth noting that this information is for the pre-production units, and plans could always change, thus giving us something different from what the rumors had us believe.

Previous rumors claimed the iPhone SE 4 would pack an OLED display sourced from BOE, making it the first SE model to shift from LCD. It’s also said to feature an Action Button and a USB-C port.


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