OnePlus 12 posts record AnTuTu score ahead of announcement


The latest teaser for the OnePlus 12 is here and in the form of an AnTuTu benchmark score. Armed with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 alongside 24GB RAM and 1TB storage, the upcoming OnePlus flagship delivered an overall score of 2,333,033 points – the highest AnTuTu score to date.

OnePlus 12 AnTuTu scorecard

OnePlus 12 AnTuTu scorecard

Breaking down the score by category, OP 12 scored 533,566 points on the CPU test, 904,961 points in the GPU department, 538,511 points on the memory test, and 355,995 in the UX department. Apart from the phone’s flagship chipset, RAM and storage, OnePlus 12 also features a larger VC heat dissipation system which allows the chipset to perform better under heavy stress tests like AnTuTu.

In related news, OnePlus also confirmed wireless charging support for the OnePlus 12 and shared a water jet test simulating rain where the OnePlus 12’s new screen shows improved touch controls compared to an iPhone 15 Pro. OnePlus 12 still won’t feature IP68 certification though.

OnePlus 12 is set to debut in China on December 5, while its global debut is expected to take place on January 23.

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