Ice Universe: the Galaxy S24+ is getting 12GB of RAM, vanilla S24 is sticking to 8GB



Leakster Ice Universe has some good news – the Samsung Galaxy S24+ will finally have an option with 12GB of RAM (the S23+ options begin and end at 8GB). However, The Cat has some bad news too – the vanilla Galaxy S24 is sticking to the 8GB, which has been the base capacity since the S20.

As you may have heard, the Galaxy S24 Ultra will only use Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chips with boosted prime CPU cores, while the S24 and S24+ will use the Snapdragon in some regions and Samsung’s own Exynos 2400 in others. We’ve already seen Geekbench runs from an S24 Ultra with 8GB of RAM and with 12GB of RAM, which means that we’ve seen all there is to see.

Ice concludes his post with “16GB does not exist”. Indeed, while some makers are already releasing phones with 24GB, Samsung is reluctant to move past 12GB. Which is odd, since the S20 Ultra and S21 Ultra both had 16GB versions.

FCC report: Galaxy S24
FCC report: Galaxy S24+
FCC report: Galaxy S24 Ultra

FCC report: Galaxy S24 • Galaxy S24+ • Galaxy S24 Ultra

What else is new in the world of the S24 series? Well, the trio was certified by the FCC, which confirmed that the S24+ and S24 Ultra will have mmWave 5G in the US as well as UWB. No surprises here, the S23+ and S23 Ultra did as well.

Does the small Galaxy S24 have mmWave and UWB? It does indeed have the super-fast flavor of 5G, again so did the S23. But there’s no UWB yet. It can’t be about size, Apple has been including UWB support on its watches since the Series 6, this is just market segmentation.

Samsung is expected to unveil the Galaxy S24 series on January 17 and it should kick off pre-orders immediately after, the first shipments are expected between January 26 and 30.

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