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The Call Me If You Get Lost Tour Touches Down At The Toyota Center


“Ohhh, You look malnourished!” screamed fans in the Toyota Center as Tyler, The Creator lifted his hands in the air and the opening line of his hit single filled the room.

The floor shook as the audience jumped up and down while Tyler surfed on top of a boat while dancing along to YoungBoy’s verse on “WusYaName”. The boat “sailed” across the floor of the stadium moving Tyler from one massive mainstage, with its recreation of a two-story French Colonial house and a Rolls Royce, to a smaller, second stage in the middle of the Toyota Center made to look like a deserted island. As Tyler set foot on the island the spotlights shining on him turned red and the intro keys to “Boredom” began to play.

The Call Me If You Get Lost Tour named after Tyler’s most recent album touched down at the Toyota Center Sunday night, giving Houston fans an opportunity to see Tyler, The Creator along with Kali Uchis, Vince Staples and Beaumont, Texas’ own, Teezo Touchdown.

Tyler began his career as the head of Odd Future, a collective of young artists out of LA that gained notoriety through mixtapes and smartly marketing themselves via the internet. Facing overblown criticism and controversy because of lyrics, Odd Future still went on to launch the careers of Tyler, Casey Veggies, Earl Sweatshirt, Syd tha Kid, Frank Ocean, Domo Genesis, Jasper, Hodgy, and others. At their height, the group had an Adult Swim sketch comedy show, Loiter Squad, a series of solo and group projects making noise on the charts, and a lucrative touring schedule.

As large musical collectives tend to do, Odd Future eventually had members separate to focus more heavily on their own solo careers, with Tyler continuing his own solo path and showcasing his expansive musical acumen. While there is still speculation as to whether the group officially broke up, Tyler released Flower Boy, Igor and Call Me If You Get Lost, with Igor earning him a BET Hip Hop Award nomination in 2019 and a Grammy for Best Rap Album in 2020.

His latest was heralded as Tyler’s return to lyrical rap, mainly because of the DJ Drama interludes running throughout the album that call back to the DJ’s Gangsta Grillz Mixtapes. The album showcased Tyler’s varied taste in genres with songs representing reggae, soul, Hip Hop, and jazz earning him a BET Hip Hop award for Album of the year and a nomination of Best Rap album for the upcoming Grammy awards.

Tyler’s career has given him a discography with a variety of records which was on full display Sunday night. He also has a stage presence that has been honed from his many festival appearances and the throwing of his own yearly show, Camp Flog Gnaw. If you are a fan of Tyler you should not miss his show. Even If you are kind of a fan of Tyler you should not miss his show. The West Coast MC did not disappoint running through current hits and even going back to songs from his early days.

click to enlarge The main stage for Tyler's show - PHOTO BY JENNIFER LAKE

The main stage for Tyler’s show

Photo by Jennifer Lake

“I love coming to Houston because when I used to tour here there was a different set of songs I would do,” said Tyler as he paced around the mini island. “Either there was just a small selection of people that liked them or they wouldn’t allow me to play them in certain parts of the world. But we’re about to play them in Houston if y’all don’t mind.”

The crowd roared as the 31-year-old rapper ran through a discography he started at 19. As Tyler performed old classics like “She” and “Smuckers,” the audience rapped along but the crowd participation almost became deafening as the bass line from “Yonkers” vibrated the room. Tyler had the whole room rapping for most of the night with the sold-out crowd enthusiastically cheering as he sang, danced, and cracked jokes about moving to Houston in between songs.

For fans it was a night to remember. Caleb Ross was one of the fans in attendance that came out to experience the show.

click to enlarge Vince Staples warms up the Houston crowd. - PHOTO BY JENNIFER LAKE

Vince Staples warms up the Houston crowd.

Photo by Jennifer Lake

“I’m a musical artist as well so seeing people like Tyler and Teezo Touchdown perform their art is just inspirational because that’s what I want to do. Everything tonight is just way more than I expected. It’s amazing to just be out and get to experience this,” Ross said.

More than expected was the theme for the night for people that had never been to a Tyler, The Creator show. The showing from newcomer Teezo Touchdown alongside Vince Staples run of hits, Kali Uches sultry set, and Tyler’s finishing show made for more than a memorable night for Houston fans.

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