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Texas A&M’s Jim Schlossnagle wants a national title ASAP


Texas A&M athletic director Ross Bjork recalls Jim Schlossnagle saying the right things at his first College Station news conference a year ago this month. More importantly to the Aggies’ baseball fortunes, Bjork recalls Schlossnagle doing the right things at the same time.

“Coach walked into the batting facility the first time, and things were kind of disorganized. Extension cords were hanging down; it was just kind of a mess,” Bjork remembered. “And he said, ‘This will be fixed by tomorrow.’ The next day he had a visual chart hung up in the batting cages explaining how to put things away.

“It said, ‘This is where the ball (buckets) go, this is where the extension cords go, this is how you put the nets up,’ and so forth. That was the next day. He has a high attention to detail.”

At that same time, and while the Aggies celebrated hiring away TCU’s celebrated coach, Schlossnagle was clammily reflecting on his first move in nearly two decades, replacing Rob Childress at A&M. The Maryland native won big in Fort Worth — unprecedentedly big at a program that wasn’t accustomed to baseball success and at a university that treated Schlossnagle, 51, like purple royalty.

“At this point last year, I was in the Texas A&M hotel and conference center waking up consistently at 3:30 in the morning in a full body sweat,” said Schlossnagle, whose first A&M team is preparing for the seventh College World Series in program history. “Because I had just left a place that was so comfortable for (A&M). I hadn’t hired a staff yet and didn’t know the players.

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