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SXSW 2017 Austin Texas – Legend Already Made – Celebrity Recap (Dir By WalkAwaySmilin)


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Legend Already Made


See what went down at SXSW 2017 in LEGEND ALREADY MADE official recap video.

most of the times you gotta tell
yourself it’s cool for you they cry
lamb legend already made I made my major
lesson by beating already made your
piece of your piece but show come on
come on knocks knocks knocks knocks
knocks knocks everybody got that
everybody got that we everything we
everything the new renegade take on and
lamb then um and Jake seems like it was
just yesterday
I wrote the best version yet yeah seems
like it was just yesterday is my very
seems like it was just yesterday catch
nigga I love swinging no falls nigga
scape catch catch nigga in the loop lamb
doesn’t already wait walkways – the
police go don’t be fooled by the way
that that dress got tired of Rocky
hoodies with the mental illness they
came and even start I’m on my second
assist I’m taking your girl first then
second your sis in the second he bout to
get mad and try to poke like a cyst
instead of covering these hoes not
resisting arrest when I Spit niggas be
like no doubt you the best then make
that face that when you touch them under
the desk
that was dope did you hear that or nigga
you deaf he worked for this DEA we don’t
give an F he’ll let that being sliced
his young in distress
just to cop a young thing in the dress
hey suede you know we’re you still
playing that you don’t even text you
just walk up to a girl like what’s your
I see no man hatin but that’s what you
expect I’m a G certain things I just
don’t accept so if a man’s keeps poking
out the side his neck you’ll get his
onion peel like a word for chef just now
father realized I wouldn’t work for a
shift I’m gonna get ahead of working
they shift good story I was smoking the
pimp you know that kinda hit your throat
in your chest I’ll tell myself just
relax but you overly stressed thank you
God daddy is ladies and gentleman give
out so social family lesson already made
walk away smiling from beliefs
but proposed school slab here dude get
up come on I got to get up out of here
you what you’re holding me up I got to
get up out of here you do this I’m
working get up it was all a dream it was
all a dream
it was all
these is overtime
walk away smiling they already always
video as people learn I’m here a walk
away smile at me I’m walk away smiling
lady wears like food and knives walk
away smiling doesn’t eat see situations
we quit right now because I swear


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