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Our Beauty Editors Review Caliray’s Buzziest Products


Full disclosure: This was my first time trying any of Caliray’s products. I’d had the Come Hell or High Water Mascara lying around for quite some time, but just now decided to make a whole review out of it and try it along with the brand’s other current offerings. I started by applying my Slurp Laboratories Hydromer Perfecting Skin Liquid. This is another new product I recently received and have been loving. It creates the perfect base for your sunscreen and makeup to grip onto. I then mixed Caliray’s Just Add Rays Glow Booster Drops with the Freedreaming Skin Tint, and all I can say is, wow.

Upon opening the Glow Drops, they immediately smelled like the beach during summer. It definitely made me want to chuck on a suit and head out to get some actual rays. The glow is also realer than real when you apply the drops. It adds a natural luminosity to the skin and made me look extra sun-kissed. I loved mixing it with the skin tint which offers only very light coverage. If you’ve read any of my other writings, you know I’m not usually huge on skin tints for this reason. But Caliray’s offers a nice dewy finish that I can definitely get on board with for a beach day or lunch with a friend. I paired these with the brand’s Glazed & Infused Lip Plumper Gloss and Come Hell or High Water Mascara.

After giving all of the above a wear for the day, I noticed that my skin still had a glowy, dewy tint to it but wasn’t oily. I think this was partially due to using Hydromer as a base (I’m obsessed), but using both the glow drops and skin tint together really made my skin feel soft and hydrated without it looking greasy. I am also officially losing it over Caliray’s lip glosses—particularly the shade Taco Tuesday.

Summer is the perfect time for a juicy lip, and this gloss is literally all I will be wearing for the season. I’ll admit that the mascara wasn’t quite as impressive for me, but I did love that it wasn’t the slightest bit clumpy when I applied it. Overall, I’m totally in love with Caliray and its current offerings. The brand provides the perfect natural summer beauty staples to me, and I genuinely can’t wait to see what it comes out with next.

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